Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animals and Plants

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animals and Plants

1. A rhino’s rock solid horn is formed of keratin,the same substance as human hair , skin and nails contains.

2. Bats always turn left once they begin of a cave.

3. Geese can fly up to eight kilometres above the bottom 

4. Giraffes have a special valve to assist their hearts pump blood all the high their long necks.

5. Hamsters flicker with each eye in turn.

6. The south African quiver tree cuts its own branches off to preserve water.

7. Stinging nettles grow well in soil that contains dead bodies , because they thrive on a chemical called phosphorous which is within the bones.

8. A litre of sands contains around 8 million grains.

9. The corpse flower or stinking lily is that the smelliest flower within the world.

10. A kind plant found within the tropical rainforests of Asia can eat birds and even rats.

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