Top 10 Amazing Facts about Human Body

1. An adult age people take about 23,000 breaths per day.

2. If an individual is strike by lighting , they often evaporate complete , in order that there's nothing left of them in the least .

3. Dead bodies can remain perfectly intact after a few years . this will happen when fat within the body turns into a kind of soap that doesn’t rot.

4. If scientists could build a brain from computer ships, it might take 1,000,000 times the maximum amount power to run as a true human brain.

5. Each person’s tongue print is exclusive .

6. People are often born with ears growing from their necks or chests.

7. More people are allergic to cow’s milk than to the other food or drink.

8. People are taller within the morning than within the evening.

9. You stomach lining replaces itself at regular intervals.

10. A drop is consider as 1/60th of teaspoon.

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