What is a barcode?

Bar codes

Bar codes make shopping faster and more convenient. When a scanner reads an item’s Universal Product Code it’s beep and it sends a code to a computer. The pc sends back information about that item, including its price.

What is a bar code?

The black and white stripes of a Universal Product Code represent a string of number a code that's unique to one product. Various sorts of Universal Product Code exist. 

Each number during a Universal Product Code is represented by two white stripes and two black stripes of various widths. The long, thin guide lines at the sides and center of the code tell the scanner to start out reading.The scanner shines a narrow beam of sunshine onto a Universal Product Code . a light-weight sensor inside the scanner measures the reflected light. White lines reflect more light than black lines, which is how it tells the difference.

2-D bar codes:

These new bar codes are scanned from top to bottom also as left to right. a number of them are often read by telephone cameras and webcams and take you straight to an internet site .


😮 Scientists the US have glued tiny bar codes to the backs of bees. The bar codes helped them to stay track of the bees’ comings and goings from the hive.

😮 The primary Universal Product Code was invented in 1948 by Bernard Silver. He was inspired by Morse , which uses dots and dashes to encode letters. He extended Morse marks into the long lines of a Universal Product Code . To Read More On Amazing Science facts

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