Volcano Blue Lava

VOLCANIC eruptions are heart stopping at their extreme but this volcano of Indonesia looks spectacular when it flows out its lava. The volcano called Kawah Ijen, erupts striking blue lava and is therefore also referred to as blue volcano. The alive Kawah Ijen volcano is 8,660 ft tall. It is one of the world's most original volcanoes because instead of producing the standard red lava and black smoke, its underground activities end in azure flames rising into the air. 

The phenomenon is caused thanks to the combustion of the volcano’s sulphuric gases with atmospheric oxygen at temperatures above 360°C. The blue volcano spews out 
extremely high quantities of sulphuric gases at high and temperatures sometimes even at 600°C along side the lava. But the color of this blue molten lava are often seen only during already dark .
At the highest of the volcano, Kawah Ijen Crater Lake is the world's largest body of water crammed with hydrochloric acid. Indeed, it is the acid that creates the water green. The volcano spews acid gas, which reacts with the water and forms a highly condensed acid with a pH of just about 0. The lake features a volume of 36 million cubic meters.
This sulphur-rich lava has led to mineral deposition around the volcano. 

Miners extract the sulfur rock, which is formed after the blue flames blow out leaving a solid sulfur-rich rock. They then carry these large rocks in baskets down the side of the mountain to be paid per kilogram. The work is uncontrolled and little children can often be seen doing labour hoping to support their familie's low incomes with additional money. they typically take two trips daily. Each local worker is paid about 680 Indonesian rupiahs per kilogram. The workers are exposed to toxic sulphur gases for prolonged periods of your time . The conditions are highly hazardous for health. The sulphur that's collected is considered among the purest in Indonesia, and is destined 
for the food and industry .

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